Support Local Charity – Full Review: Peace Home

“Maziza”, as her children and community lovingly refers to her, is a qualified psychologist who, like many South Africans,went looking for and found a lucrative career abroad. When she came back, unlike many South Africans, she poured all of her funds into creating a home for those children that didn’t have one.

A home is often thought of as a house, a structure, a dwelling, a place to sleep. Those of us who have lost our ‘homes’, without losing our ‘homes’ know better. For me, personally, a home is a lot more than a building in which to exist. A home is something that only a home-maker can give you. And it’s the most precious gift of all.

A home-maker is someone who can change your life forever, someone who provides a safe haven, mentoring and advice. Someone you can call a role-model, a healer, family. Maziza provides that gift to ‘her children’ every single day.Peace

At Peace Home children who have been victims of traumatic events receive a safe haven, expert counseling, education, health-care, LOVE, understanding, advice and a future (something that most of them have NEVER received before). She teaches them how to eat, talk, be happy, valuable members of the community. She gives them back their dignity, their self-confidence, their lives. Read more



The concept is simple, really:

  1. Let’s support local business & especially the tourism industry
  2. So that these businesses can bring capital into our community
  3. That they will use to employ local individuals
  4. And support local charities


Let’s see the change and celebrate it – together

There is no way for it not to work. Even though it seems impossible to save SA’s economy; if we start with one person, one street, one community, we CAN. We can help, we’re not powerless, we’re strong, but only if we are willing to let go of our differences and work together actively to build the community that all of us want to live in.

Do you want to be safe at night? Then make sure that every entrepreneur close to you has a steady stream of customers, every person living close to you has a job, all of us spend our money in and around our community. Invest in a better future for yourself. Invest in your community.

How can you get involved

Give what you have. Help when you can. No judgment.

If you have time:

  1. Share our posts
  2. Invite your friends to like our Facebook Page
  3. Write posts about:
    1. Fantastic local entrepreneurs so we can all go and support them
    2. Local charities doing a fantastic job in contributing to worthwhile causes
    3. Funding for our local NPO’s so they can apply for grants
    4. Write a testimony for the fantastic, yet unemployed individuals in our community so that they can find a job with our local entrepreneurs
    5. Any inspirational/ uplifting event that happened in the community
    6. Inspirational people who live in our community
    7. Apply to become involved as an administrator
    8. Register as a volunteer, and we’ll notify you when we need help with events, etc. All skills welcome please.

If you have money:

Give what you have. Help when you can. No judgment.

Calls for donations to specific causes will be posted on this post as they arise.

  1. Fund an entrepreneur’s dream
  2. Fund a bright child’s education
  3. Support a local Non-Profit Organisation
  4. Support an event

ALL SUPPORTERS no matter how big or small will be thanked personally on the Facebook Page of Support Local Tableview (unless they choose to remain anonymous).

*Please note that Support Local – Tableview, is not a registered Non-Profit Organisation, it’s just the dream of a girl who grew up, survived, became a women and was told:

“You know what the problem with you is; you still believe you can change the world.”

Who responded:

“I will never stop believing that I can create the future I want to live in.”

Then realized:

She can’t do it alone.

Hence, this group movement:

Give what you have. Help when you can. No judgment.

Get in Touch:

Matters of the Mind

I recently had the pleasure of being treated to some of the health & wellness services that is offered to clients at a private studio called “Matters of the Mind” and we have come to the conclusion that this is definitely a business in Blouberg that is more than worth supporting. Here we share our experience:

“Matters of the Mind” is proudly founded & run by Julie Roelofse. Julie is a qualified hypnotherapist that uses Chinese medicine in conjunction with massage, hypnotherapy & other traditionally alternative techniques to bring about healing of the mind, body and spirit. The minute you step out of the busy rat race of the world and into her presence you are enveloped with a kind of calm strength. She has a very relaxing, comforting & nourishing energy.

I was lucky enough to experience her work with Moxa, massage & hypnotherapy.. Julie’s comforting hands performed the heavenly massage in which she focused specifically on working on the necessary meridians, in a calm, well-practiced manner. It was evident right from the beginning that she knows the body and reads it like a book. She was able to diagnose & start treating problems that I knew I had, but hadn’t even told her about. It was fascinating listening to her explain what she was seeing & doing. It felt like my body was being listened to, understood & treated in a way that it hasn’t been in a very long time. This in itself was a very healing experience.Moxa.jpg

Next up was the Moxa. Moxa (or dried Muwort) has been traditionally used in Chinese medicine to relax the body & calm the mind. The technique that Julie uses involves holding a burning bar of Moxa over various acupuncture points. It feels a bit like hot stone therapy and assists in stimulating the mind, helping it connect with the body. This technique was particularly effective in treating my busy mind, literally almost forcing it to let go of the ‘million things I still have to do’ and just focus on the sensations of the moment.

Last, but definitely not least, I was treated to a hypnotherapy session in which we practiced visualisation. Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic technique which assists the mind in reflecting on the past, imagining the future, letting go of the present & connecting to the inner self. This was the hardest part for me. I tend to deal with life by dealing with it. I fix, I solve problems and I think a lot, but I’ve never really focused too much on living life holistically, taking into consideration my mind, body & soul. When I am busy thinking, I tend to ignore the mind. When I am busy working, I ignore the soul. On the rare occasion I do some ‘soul’ searching, I rarely involve the mind or body. I even find breathing exercises difficult, because I am unable to ‘perfect’ my breathing.

Hypnotherapy.jpgI must say, though, Julie dealt with me very professionally and skilfully. Her voice was very calming & easy to listen to. I felt strange, awkward & scared at first, but the more she spoke, and the more I listened, the more I was able to connect to a part of me that I haven’t connected to in quite a while. When I woke up, Julie asked how I felt and I immediately, almost automatically responded that I felt happy, very, very happy. What a precious experience.

I almost immediately made up my mind that I have got to go back to this healing place, at least once a month, if not more, and I trust that I will reap the benefits of a healthier mind, body and soul.

I do recommend that everyone in the neighbourhood make an effort to support this business & visit Julie, even if only once. You will be richer for the experience.

Contact Julie on 0833189693 for a booking or read more & pay online at


Meet Mike Haffenden:

  • award-winning professional artist and teacher
  • studied in United Kingdom
  • runs his own art school
  • taught in schools and collegeprofile pic

And the best thing is when you join my classes (every Tuesday and Thursday @ 18:00 – 20:00 (other time’s negotiable) I’ll share my professional art secrets with you.

I believe everybody has the ability to create great paintings and drawings.  The true trick though is knowing how to see with an artist’s eye and this, I can teach you. Read more