“Maziza”, as her children and community lovingly refers to her, is a qualified psychologist who, like many South Africans,went looking for and found a lucrative career abroad. When she came back, unlike many South Africans, she poured all of her funds into creating a home for those children that didn’t have one.

A home is often thought of as a house, a structure, a dwelling, a place to sleep. Those of us who have lost our ‘homes’, without losing our ‘homes’ know better. For me, personally, a home is a lot more than a building in which to exist. A home is something that only a home-maker can give you. And it’s the most precious gift of all.

A home-maker is someone who can change your life forever, someone who provides a safe haven, mentoring and advice. Someone you can call a role-model, a healer, family. Maziza provides that gift to ‘her children’ every single day.Peace

At Peace Home children who have been victims of traumatic events receive a safe haven, expert counseling, education, health-care, LOVE, understanding, advice and a future (something that most of them have NEVER received before). She teaches them how to eat, talk, be happy, valuable members of the community. She gives them back their dignity, their self-confidence, their lives.

More than that, Maziza personally ensures that ALL CRIMINAL CASES are followed up on. Because of her, human-traffickers, drug pushers and various other criminal elements have been put away behind bars. She clears our streets for us, saves our kids, builds our economy and yet, up to now, she has chosen to remain quiet “to protect her children”.

She’s done it all alone, all on her own, with only the closest friends and family members knowing about her efforts and only those that can afford it, helping out. However, she has now come to a difficult crossroads in her life. Peace Home has run out of funds. Aziza has the opportunity to go work abroad to accumulate more funds, but this would be at the expense of her children.


As a community we cannot do nothing. I know that the economy isn’t growing, unemployment is increasing and everyday we hear about a new political circus while new beggars join those already on the streets, but think of it this way: for every child that Maziza saves, we have one less homeless person, one more voice, more criminals behind bars. I would invest in that anytime.

And it doesn’t have to be a financial contribution. I can give my expertise. Fellow psychologists, physiotherapists, mechanics, plumbers, auto-electricians and lawyers may do the same. If you have clothes or food or water – give that. If you have a store or commercial property, offer to act as a drop-off and collection point for goods. If you have a free weekend, offer to take the kids out for an afternoon for an ice cream on the beach, or for a movie. And if all you have is a minute or two, share this story on facebook, on twitter, at work, on your radio station, in your magazine.Happiness

Most of us know by now – a real HOME, and real LOVE, is the hardest thing to find, but once you’ve found it, you find yourself, your future, hope and everything else that
matters. No one should have to live without that.

For more about Maziza and Peace Home:Smiley face

Watch the video.

Follow them on Facebook.

 Checkout their website.    

Send an email to: peacehomenpc@gmail.com



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